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  • Glenn Sonnenberg

Musings from the Bunker 1/2/21

Happy New Year (again),

Paul Kinscherff took me to task yesterday because he claimed I had begun the year with undue negativity. I had said that we were starting the year with meaningless college bowl games. Fair enough; my comment was a bit negative. That said, these games actually meaningless every year! Of course you’re right that that sports plays an important role in our national psyche. And entertainment in these tough times is important.

Time for poetry and music…


Terrance Hayes, winner of the National Book Award winner for Poetry, from American Sonnet for My Past and Future Assassin:

Seven of the ten things I love in the face

Of James Baldwin concern the spiritual

Elasticity of his expressions. The sashay

Between left & right eyebrow, for example.

The crease between his eyes like a tuning

Fork or furrow, like a riverbed branching

Into tributaries like lines of rapturous sentences

Searching for a period. The dimple in his chin

Narrows & expands like a pupil. Most of all,

I love all of his eyes. And those wrinkles

The feel & color of wet driftwood in the mud

Around those eyes. Mud is made of

Simple rain & earth, the same baptismal

Spills & hills of dirt James Baldwin is made of.

And because songs are poetry too, here are lyrics from Sheryl Crow, which Jerry Lucido says describes the relationship some people have had with a certain man in the news for the past four years:

God I feel like hell tonight

The tears of rage I cannot lie

I'd be the last to help you understand

Are you strong enough to be my man

My man

Nothing's true, and nothing's right

So let me be alone tonight

'Cause you can't change the way I am

Are you strong enough to be my man

Lie to me, I promise I'll believe

Lie to me, but please don't leave

I have a face I cannot show

I make the rules up as I go

Just try and love me if you can

Are you strong enough to be my man

My man…

When I've shown you

That I just don't care

When I'm throwing punches in the air

When I'm broken down and I can't stand

Would you be man enough to be my man

Lie to me, I promise I'll believe

Lie to me, but please don't leave


The new year is here. And with it, I hope we will find ourselves in theatres shortly. In the meantime, here are Jimmy Fallon and Andrew Rannels (star of Book of Mormon and the new TV version of Prom) doing an amazing medley of Broadway songs to tell the story of 2020:

Finally, we can all use a little “feel good” music from home. Here is an EL (English Learners) class with an original composition, with their teacher. It starts with the words, “I know you’re having a bad day…” The good news is they say “we’re holding on ‘til September” (which is when there will be a new school year in person…): Thanks, Ron Stern, for forwarding this.

Have a great weekend,


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