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  • Glenn Sonnenberg

Musings from the Bunker 1/3/21

Good morning,

It’s a new year and, with a new year, comes resolutions. One of my resolutions this year is to pay less attention to the ravings of the Supreme Leader in the waning days of his misbegotten presidency.

It’s been a tough four years. I will not suggest that Mr. Trump’s policies have been universally mean-spirited, non-strategic, self-aggrandizing, and failed—just most of them. The wall came and went, not paid for by Mexico, sucked an unbelievable amount of our political energy, cost us a fortune, and didn’t reduce border crossings. Then there’s the oft-promised alternative to Obamacare. Still waiting… And the answer to the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Still waiting… And the “massive election fraud” with evidence piling up and about to be released. Still waiting… Some things were not so bad. But most were. But it’s nearly over.

With the end of the Trump era, I am not going to allow him inside my head any more than I am forced to. So, goodbye to the “in his own words” portion of the Musings. I will not give him the attention that he craves, but which is so destructive of our culture. The next two weeks he will provide ample reason to complain and, with the hundreds of millions he has been able to scam from his supporters in a campaign to overturn the election, he will maintain a well-funded megaphone going forward. But try as he might, the Trump era will be in the rear-view mirror.

I leave the regular selection of quotations of our Beloved Leader with the one word that encapsulates his war on truth, his dismissiveness of the determination of the people, and his complete disregard for our democracy:


The Joint Session of Congress to receive the report of the Electoral College is this week. Then we can breathe.

The next couple of weeks will be tough, but we’ll make it through.

Happy Sunday,


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