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Musings from the Bunker 10/22/20

Greetings and Happy Thursday,

It’s Thursday and time for some feedback. Strangely, most of the feedback has been about trains. I suspect there is an ennui setting in on the political front! The reminiscing approaches the baseball remembrances…


From a dear friend who used to work for Mr. Trump, offering a great baseball related diversion about how baseballs are made:

An interesting video to take your mind off all your friends that never worked with “The Donald” and as a result have no idea what a sociopathic narcissist with paranoid fantasies is truly like as a ”leader”! 😊:

From David Lash, in response to sharing a Trump supporter’s comments:

Hard to believe that some intelligent person thinks Trump has “all the right values”.  I get it if you believe in lower taxes and that immigration is awful, but those are political positions.  His “values” are reflected in his continual lying, his disregard for others, his racist statements and innuendos, his extra-marital affairs, the way he talks about women, his pardoning of wrongdoers who support him, and so much more.  Okay, agree that environmental protections are hurting business (silly as that may be) but denying science?  Those are values, those are things that are hard to fathom.   I find defending his values to be unfathomable.

And a great analysis from Russ Chittenden of the “he’s in the pocket of the far left” comments about Joe Biden:

It’s amazing how what used to be called “talking points” now dominate the most essential being of so many.  I heard many such things over the course of the primary season from people who had somehow convinced themselves that they had come up with these observations themselves rather than them having been spoon fed – like “Joe Biden will step aside for Hillary Clinton” or “Joe Biden will step aside for Mario Cuomo.”  Because, of course, he’s a puppet for others more powerful.  

Now new mantras are playing out without regard to the fact that the old ones, about the same person, were so wrong.  Biden as a Bolshevik would surprise many old fashioned Democrats at the many Thursday evening VFW bingo games that Biden no doubt had to frequent over the years.  How anyone can watch Biden speak on his feet, with a basic command of issues, and conclude he ain’t with it is beyond me.  Especially when the other guy can’t articulate a single policy argument (from any point on the spectrum) or keep a train of thought for more than the time it takes to complain about some personal grievance (that touches upon no greater policy whatsoever).

Sometimes I think these people suffer from herd immunity, as he might say.


As you know, we support the Brad Sonnenberg Wellness Initiative at USC. Here is a great article from a student in the Annenberg School at USC. She used the counseling services there:


From Mark Schwartz, a recommendation for the documentary, The Way I See it:

When my mother-in-law told me to watch and I saw that it was be shown on MSNBC, I laughed and said: “we don’t watch that network.” 

The Way I See It is a documentary based on Pete Souza who served as the official White House photographer for Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama.  It mostly focuses on the Obama Administration.  The humanity, empathy, character and leadership of Obama in stark contrast to the current occupant of the White House comes through loud and clear.  

The Way I See It will make you sad to see how much the Presidency has declined, but it is uplifting in showing what is possible when a President with empathy, character and leadership is elected President of the United States.


From David Rievman on train movies:

After reading about trains, I would have bet anything this edition was going to conclude with Train Movies ! Lots of great choices, but I wouldn’t presuppose to make your list.  Here’s Entertainment Weekly’s ...... I loved SnowPiercer and Throw Momma from the Train, and TransSiberian......

My son LOVED Thomas the Train from ages 2 - 5 or so.  I always enjoyed the Alec Baldwin narration.

David, I can’t. believe you didn’t suggest Murder on the Orient Express or Silver Streak, starring two of the greatest comedic geniuses of their time—Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor (with the talented Jill Clayburgh). Not only did I love the movie, but I developed an appreciation of these two comedians and a crush on Jill Clayburgh.

And while we’re talking about Thomas the Tank Engine, it is amazing that this pre-school children’s show boasted both George Carlin and Ringo Starr as “the engineer,” the only human character.

From Sharon Spira-Cushnir on train music:

Finally, some railroad music. Here is Livingston Taylor’s “Railroad Bill”:

Sharon maintains Livingston is the more talented of the Taylor boys (his brother is James Taylor).

Have a great day,


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