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Musings from the Bunker 12/31/20

Good morning on this last day of 2020!

Time to say goodbye to a challenging year. While there has been much to lament, there has been much to be thankful for. Among the many, many lessons of the past year have been the need to be patient, reflective, forgiving, and thankful. We have learned what we have, what we can lose, and what’s important to us. We are learning to find pleasure in the company of fewer people and to find pleasure in our own company—whether with a book, on a walk or communing with nature.

I look upon the new year with hope. Hope that, after a year of getting a lot wrong, we can start to get a few things right. Hopefully it will be a year of renewal of spirit and an appreciation for what the world—and our fellow inhabitants of this rock—have to offer. Perhaps we can finally make inroads in addressing the many challenges and opportunities that lie before us.

I’ve been obsessing over the New York Times’s request that readers send in their words of thanks that sum up 2020. The condition is that it must be expressed in six words—no more and no fewer. Here are a of my six word bursts to summarize the past year:


Getting outdoors on the golf course.

I miss sharing a golf cart.

Music and puzzles fill my days.

Daily jacuzzi is Jewish holy water.

Anyone read a good book lately?

Football? Yes. Classes? No. Please explain.

My ski season will never start.

Thoughts about a few friends

Looking forward to more Hochman hugs.

Rosenbach brothers have lots to say.

Thanks, Dennis, for keeping me honest.

People named Mark contribute a lot.

Ira is a cranky old dude. (but usually right…)

Ed, work on your next stand-up.

Seemah at 90—youthful as always.

Some final thoughts on the year

Trying to stay safe; not easy.

What’s going on behind your mask?

Brad would not believe this shit.

…days like these, strange days indeed…

We will get through this together.

Grateful to have friends like you.

Stay safe,


PS: And finally…

Bill and Jessica, we are fine…

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