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  • Glenn Sonnenberg

Musings from the Bunker 2/27/21

Good morning!

It’s Saturday and time for some music and poetry.


“The Room Where It Happened,” from Hamilton, starring Leslie Odom, Jr. (Burr), Daveed Diggs (Jefferson) and Lin-Manuel Miranda (Hamilton), to get out the vote, starting at the :30 mark):

You Can’t Stop the Beat,” from Hairspray, in isolation for the Actors’ Fund:


The poetic lyrics Grace Potter, from the album Daylight (courtesy of the perspicacious Alan Rosenbach):

“I never said I was a saint

I never said I’d be your savior

I never say I didn’t try to fight against my human nature

Let the past and future fall away

I will worship these wounds every day

Yeah, the cuts that bleed from my mistakes

Couldn’t keep my heart from giving way.

Love is love. It takes a hold

It’ll change your life, make you lose control

You can’t explain the things it does

But hearts are hearts, and love is love…”

Wanda Coleman, once again, with Dear Mama (4):

when did we become friends?

it happened so gradual i didn't notice

maybe i had to get my run out first

take a big bite of the honky world and choke on it

maybe that's what has to happen with some uppity youngsters

if it happens at all

and now

the thought stark and irrevocable

of being here without you

shakes me

beyond love, fear, regret or anger

into that realm children go

who want to care for/protect their parents

as if they could

and sometimes the lucky ones do

into the realm of making every moment


laughing as though laughter wards off death

each word given

received like spanish eight

treasure to bury within

against that shadow day

when it will be the only coin i possess

with which to buy peace of mind



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