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Musings from the Bunker 3/20/21

Happy First Day of Spring!


A great rendition of Billy Joel’s “For the Longest Time” performed for Quarantine from Phoenix Chamber Choir. It’s a very clever bit:


The Sound of Silence”—a different version. It is not often that a “cover version” can stand up to the original through its different presentation, mood and arrangement. This one is amazing: Sounds of Silence, Disturbed:

I am grateful to Allison Gingold for reminding me about the great story of how The Sound of Silence came to be. It was inspired by Art Garfunkel’s roommate, Sandy Greenberg, who lost his sight. Greenberg cites Garfunkel as giving him reason to go on living. “Every night Arthur and I would sing. He would play his guitar and I would be the DJ. The air was always filled with music,” said Greenberg. They made a pact to always be there for each other. Garfunkel related the story to Paul Simon and a classic was made.


From Julie Gadinsky, the cast of West Side Story dancing “Cool” around New York City during the pandemic. Worth a watch for anyone who loves great music, New York, dance, well, everybody…:,1,XuPRSDx661OmfFkbnNMhp50d7rJsMOhphjESNOpQHi78U5YLjx6_2gPvPio4Rx9s4lNjC8YdlD1NTVYj3J7iMH007nm5RhLJTh0fc4fvt20E3s8REC75Ew,,&typo=1


So Tired Blus

By Langston Hughes

With the sun in my hand

Gonna throw the sun

Way across the land-

Cause I’m tired,

Tired as I can be


I remain transfixed by the algorithm that seeks out unintended haiku from New York Times articles. Here’s one that grabbed me:

Pandemic boredom

evidently has nothing

On watching paint dry.

But did they get it backwards? With a little reworking, I might suggest a few changes:

Watching paint dry seems

like a fun activity

on some COVID days.

Oh, that thing about Spring…hmmm…I lied.

Stay safe,


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