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Musings from the Bunker 5/16/20

Happy Weekend!

Here’s some music and poetry for the day:



While at home, some mothers and sons are playing extraordinary duets! Here is Bing Wang, Associate Concertmaster of the LA Philharmonic, on the violin with her 16 year old son on piano. Here is “Meditaiton” from the opera Thais by Jules Massenet. This five minute piece is beautiful, as is the performance and her introduction “from our house to yours.”

From my cousin, Chris Cook, a Dixieland band called Tuba Skinny:

Here’s with a daily dose of songs, albums and playlists to soothe isolation:



It’s hard to keep a good man (or woman) down! Carrie Law Morgan Figgs was an African-American woman born in 1878. She was a teacher, a poet and an activist. Two volumes of her poetry were published in the 1920s, predating the Harlem Renaissance. She died in 1968, no doubt witnessing a great deal in her life. These two poems are powerful, poignant and timeless:

It's Hard to Keep a Good Man Down

The storm may rage, the wind may blow And beat him to the ground, But one of the hardest things on earth to do Is to keep a good man down. He may be white, he may be black, He may be red or brown; He'll dodge your blow and grow and go, Because you can't keep a good man down. Sometimes he can hardly lift his head, Oppression is his crown, But when his heart is right God gives him light, And the world can't keep him down. Friends may prove false, enemies succeed In building a mighty mound Of treachery and slander, But none of these can hold a good man down. This is a truth that friend and foe Alike have sought and found, Regardless of what comes or go, You can't keep a good man down.

We are Marching

1. We are marching, truly marching Can’t you hear the sound of feet? We are fearing no impediment We have never known defeat.

2. Like Job of old we have had patience, Like Joshua, dangerous roads we’ve trod Like Solomon we have built out temples. Like Abraham we’ve had faith in God.

3. Up the streets of wealth and commerce, We are marching one by one We are marching, making history, For ourselves and those to come.

4. We have planted schools and churches, We have answered duty’s call. We have marched from slavery’s cabin To the legislative hall.

5. Brethren can’t you catch the spirit? You who are out just get in line Because we are marching, yes we are marching To the music of the time.

6. We are marching, steady marching Bridging chasms, crossing streams Marching up the hill of progress Realizing our fondest dreams.

Happy day,


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