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Musings from the Bunker 9/8/20

Good morning,

Trigger warning. Just a few bits of news that have me concerned. But fear not, tomorrow and Thursday promise only positive things!:



This piece is written by Jeffrey Goldberg, acclaimed journalist and editor in chief of the Atlantic. It’s short. The bit about visiting the grave of General Kelly’s son is heart-wrenching. Yes, I know many will see this as part of the “enemy of the people” piling on, but the number of sources (albeit confidential) lends credence, and Mr. Goldberg is beyond reproach. I’ve met him—he not only is brilliant and thoughtful, but with more than a little humility. I doubt he would gamble his career on weaving a misleading tale for subscriptions, but there are those who will claim he’s just part of the conspiracy:



While we were sleeping, these conspiratorial nutjobs have been running and winning in primaries. Now there are 11 known QAnon supporters running in November. While 11 is a tiny percentage of 435, and the likely winners are an even smaller percentage, it is startling to see that this fringe group is getting traction in some places. Here’s an article from Axios on these stellar citizens:

And here is the story of the candidate for U.S. Senate from Oregon. Masks are of no value, according to her. She’s not a scientist or a doctor, but “a reader.” Oh boy… From that article, a truly whacky exchange:

I pointed out one glaring one glaring inaccuracy. On October 28, 2017, the anonymous "Q" posted, "Hillary Clinton will be arrested between 7:45 AM -- 8:30 AM EST on Monday -- the morning on Oct 30, 2017." That never happened.

But when I asked Perkins about it, she responded with a question of her own, "Do you know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, are you a 100% sure that she was never arrested?"

"Are you a 100% sure she was?" I asked.

"No. I'm not," Perkins said adding that she is a "critical thinker" and doesn't have proof of Clinton's arrest but clearly isn't convinced one way or the other.

She goes on to say that "sometimes misinformation is necessary" to flesh out the truth.

Is this actually America? Or Gilead? Or Oceania? Or the World State? Crazy…



I often think it isn’t even the “big news” that discloses the real story, but small moments that crystallize a point. This article about one insignificant campaign stop, relating numerous pronouncements of our Supreme Leader, is one of those moments.

I recognize there will be those who discount any article that comes from a “fake news” outlet like the New York Times, but here is an article in which our President is quoted in a single speech as saying:

• He deserves praise for his cozy relationship with Russia (and failure to admonish it for the poisoning of an opposition leader) “If I get along with Russia, is that a good thing or a bad thing? I think it’s a good thing.”

• He called Representative Adam Schiff a “maniac”—twice—“shifty Schiff is a total maniac.”

• He tried to shift the discussion from Russia (which has been documented as having interfered with the election in 2016 and has been identified as trying to interfere this year) to China: “These maniacs always talk about Russia. They never talk about China…They said somebody spoke to Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia.”

• It reminded us that the Department of Homeland Security issued a warning regarding Russian interference and disinformation (which the White House won’t release) and a Senate Intelligence Committee report was released about known Russian interference.

• The President mocked Biden for wearing a mask (even after half-heartedly finally supporting the scientifically recommended wearing of masks), suggesting “Did you ever see a man who likes to mask as much as him?” and “…it gives him a feeling of security.”

• The President provided his own psychiatric assessment of Mr. Biden: “If I was a psychiatrist, I would say this guy has some big issues. I don’t know. Hanging down.”

• The President again urged people to commit felonies and vote twice.



That we are even having conversations about the likely constitutional crisis that will ensue after the election is held on November 3 (and what that crisis might entail) is indicative of the magnitude of the problem. The President already has delegitimized any result in which he loses. Here’s David Brooks on the risks ahead: (I’ve linked the article in the Baltimore Sun, in case some of you non-subscribers are over your free limit for the New York Times).

I have no doubt that, if Mr. Trump is in the lead in some swing states the evening of November 3 (or morning hours of November 4), he will not wait for the absentee ballots to be returned. He will declare victory and deliver a victory speech, calling upon Mr. Biden to concede. He will tell his followers that the absentee ballots that will be counted over the coming weeks are proof that the election was rigged and the deep state is trying to steal the election. Of course he will be full of malarky, but that won’t matter to some… There will be Trump rallies (perhaps with guns) with people shouting that the election is over and the ballots coming in after Election Day are rife with fraud.



While gun sales apparently is not a statistic that is tracked, the number of background checks is tracked. Would it surprise anyone that background checks (and, therefore, presumably gun sales) are up 69% through June 2020 versus June 2019? That number is even more pronounced for handgun background checks, up 80% year-over-year. From NPR (yes, yes, I know, another “enemy of the people” and part of the fake news media…blah, blah, blah):,guns%20for%20the%20first%20time.



And then there are these guys: Some allegedly are trying to sell arms to Hamas to help support their movement here in the U.S. Can it get any stranger…or scarier?

The indicators promise more confrontation, division and violence before this is over…

I’m worried,


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